Saturday, June 21, 2014

Unmade bed

Somewhere I read an article on simple ways to love your home and on the list was make your bed. Yes, just a simple making of the bed should help you to love your home more. Confession: I've never been a bed maker. I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up from the floor. Growing up if I kept my room tidy that was enough to appease my mom. Considering it rarely was as a child my mom spent all her energy making me clean my room that there wasn't any of her left to nag get me to make my bed. Oh the childhood struggles.

Sophie wanted her and her toy to be in the picture. She's a natural.
I will say that I do love my bedroom when the bed is made. It just looks cleaner and also allows me to open the window blinds. The first day Kyle came home to a made up bed he walked into the bedroom and asked, "what happened in here?" And after last night I know that I should always try to make it to bed first or atleast pull the covers down for him.

When I came to bed last night, maybe 15-30 minutes after Kyle, I walked in to this. He had shoved all the pillows to my side and didn't even roll down the decorative comforter. (we don't actually sleep under the decorative comforter, there's a quilt underneath) You can hardly see him or how Koby is slightly peeping his head out of the pillows. So my lesson has been learned: unmake the bed before the hubs takes the duty upon himself. I'll admit, I bursted out laughing and woke sleeping beauty up.

I've also come to the conclusion that I may be the only one who likes for the bed to be made.
xoxo Haley

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