Monday, June 30, 2014

Lazy Sunday: movie review

Oomph it's a steamy day here in Tennessee and it's only a little pass 9:00am. With laundry going and a grocery list made I figure it's time to sit down and blog.

Yesterday the hubs and I spent a relaxing day doing pretty much nothing. It's free movie channel weekend through our cable provider so we recorded several movies one of which we watched yesterday.

We're the Millers. I'll admit I giggled a time or two but it definitely didn't live up to the hype that surrounded it, not for me anyway. Not to say it wasn't worth the watch but I've seen movies that give more a laugh. When Aniston and Roberts start teaching the brother how to kiss it grew pretty uncomfortable. I would, however, like to see a sequel to see what happens next...that's if they make it right and not just a sequel bust.

After the movie was over we took a nice little afternoon nap. After dinner we watched Big Brother 16 which I'm in love with! I'm kinda feeling the twists this year, it adds to the "expect the unexpected" line.

What've you been watching?
xoxo Haley

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  1. I agree! That move was good, but not great.