Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 Ways to Cool Off

It's that time of the year where we forget how cold the winter was and start heavily complaining about the harsh heat and sunburns. Never fear, I am here to tell you ten ways to cool down during these heated summer months.
Let's start by stating the obvious, shall we?
stay inside, duh
That's right. Beat the heat and go kick your feet up. Not quite ideal for me because I rather be outdoors during the summer because it's much easier to enjoy the beauty God created in the summer rather than everything that is dead in the winter. 
invest in this

This little jewel is what gets me through my days of gardening. It's a cooling towel, I purchased the Enduracool from Lowes, and it doesn't matter if you put hot or cold water on it... just give it a few snaps and BAM, it's cold. Kyle obviously has more than one of these for long days of mowing.
peppermint essential oil

Caution: please do not drink. Grab yourself a spray bottle, add some water, put a couple of drops of oil in it, and spray yourself! My mom and dad swear by this remedy. 
shower thyself
...with cold water! Kyle likes to take steamy showers regardless of the temperature outside. I, however, am prone to turning it icy cold and enjoying the sting on my skin after a long day of outdoor play.
spray yo'self before you burn yo'self
It's obviously a given that if you are playing outside one may want to apply sunscreen. However! This Sport CoolZone sunscreen by Banana Boat is quite delightful. It not only smells better than most sunscreens but it also is extremely cooling. Why not kill two birds with one stone? 
ice ice baby!
Sure, you can suck on an ice cube or two, but why not add a little flavor with some ice pops! Kyle keeps them in stock at home and on the job. 
take a dip
 That's right, my friend. Put on your skimpies and take the plunge. A sure way to cool off...and get a little wet.
 Drink yourself some water, friend. I love a nice cold glass of water when I have sweat rolling down my face. If you get a wild hair, cut up some lemon and cucumber and infuse your water. I absolutely love the refreshing taste of cucumber lemon water. Best part ladies: it helps with bloating... you're welcome.
Treat yourself to some ice cream! ...or a fudge pop...or a yogurt pop... or whatever cold guilty pleasure that tickles your fancy!
Make yourself a smoothie. Don't know how? No excuse, there's Pinterest for that, or Google.

Don't forget! Please apply deodorant, even if you have to have someone apply it for you. 
(This picture was taken on my wedding day, hence the dress and veil. I couldn't get the deodorant on without getting it on my dress so my sister kindly lend a hand.)
This post was inspired by the one and only Mama Kat and is a part of her Writer's Workshop. 


  1. You've got some great tips! I love the picture of you in your wedding dress!

  2. I love the picture and I am going to go and find the number 2 item because it is a must have for me!

    1. You can find it on just search Enduracool

      thanks for stopping by!

  3. The wedding pic with the deodorant is LOL

    1. Believe it or not I was completely sober at this point lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ice pops and ice cream! My faves! But I do love that wedding deodorant picture - it looks like an ad or a commercial! LOL

    1. Hey Janice thanks for stopping by!

  5. Swimming, ice cream, and ice pops are some of my favorite things. Awesome list. Loved the photo. You and your sister both look like you're having the time of your lives.

    1. Hey Donetta thanks for stopping by! We all had so much fun that day, I'm happy my photographer caught this moment on camera!

  6. "Stay inside duh!" Hahaha, the most obvious and yet commonly overlooked on every list!