Saturday, July 12, 2014

Girls just gotta have fun

What? Sometimes girls just gotta have fun! Seriously, who doesn't love some Sophia Grace? One thing I absolutely love to do when I'm in my girly girl mood is get my nails and toes done! I love soaking my feet in the jetted foot tub at the nail salon while sitting in the massage chair that you can control to massage where ever you want! Lower back problems? They have a setting for that. Neck ache? They got that too. I absolutely LOVE being pampered.

More often than not my mom and I do this together. We sit in our massaging pedi chairs and chit chat then head over to the mani stations. While she is more natural and gets Shellac on her nails I actually get acrylic nails.
I absolutely love the set I received Wednesday of this week. Inspired by Pinterest I went with a seafoam green with white polka dots on the middle fingers and white with sparkles on my ring fingers. I love them, they're so much fun!

However sometimes getting your nails done is not always glitz and glamour. Luckily I found a salon that I can actually understand what the nail techs are saying... for the most part. Other times, I just nod my head and hope for the best.  When they start speaking Vietnamese I won't lie, I often become uncomfortable. If you haven't seen Anjelah Johnson's skit on getting your nails done, I highly recommend it.

Pretty sure she hits the nail on the head with this one.

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