Friday, July 4, 2014

First, let's talk about a #Selfie

We've all seen it, we've all heard it. Selfie. The latest hashtag phenomenon. So much so, that there's also been a song made.
Mind you, there's been countless debates and opinions shared that have gone on and on and...on about how horrendous, and quite frankly repulsive, this is. I'm not going to do that. Originally I wanted to write a post about how being a stay at home wife I don't get out much and how on a regular basis you can find me with no makeup and a t-shirt with my hair undoubtedly on top of my head in a messy bun, however the post, I decided, should be about something completely different. Why?
Once I uploaded this picture of how I randomly, on a day I wouldn't be getting out and a day I wouldn't be seeing anyone other than my dogs, decided to put on makeup and sit on the front porch all while taking selfies because I wanted to capture my moment of fabulousness I realized I rather blog about the selfie phenomenon. I don't know why... just stick with me here. What is a selfie you ask? Well if you're asking I'm going to put aside that you live under a rock and instead give you the definition via :
A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website. You can usually see the person's arm holding out the camera in which case you can clearly tell that this person does not have any friends to take pictures of them so they resort to Myspace to find internet friends and post pictures of themselves, taken by themselves. A selfie is usually accompanied by a kissy face or the individual looking in a direction that is not towards the camera.
Now I can guarantee you that my slightly embarrassing selfie photo collage did not make it to Facebook nor was it posted to MySpace (I didn't know anyone still used the MySpace platform?) Really it would have never even became acquainted with the web if it were not for me blogging about it. Why did I take a selfie? Because I wanted to capture the one day I decide to apply makeup so it wouldn't be another day feeling less than fabulous. I could go on and on about how ladies, and gentlemen in some cases, need to put away the kissy face and the 'emo' persona but too many people have covered that topic on how less than fabulous one may look when making such faces. So instead let's give a duck faced selfie taker and an 'I obviously am very in touch with my emotions' emo selfie taker a round of applause.
If making such faces make you feel beautiful, liked, confident, or whatever other positive energy flow than you keep doing you! Pucker those lips and snap a few extra for me. However! You may want to keep such a scenario in mind before uploading for the world to see: I once was a hiring manager and there came a time where two applicants fit the bill and I was completely indecisive on which one I should hire. Both had clean backgrounds, around the same age, both had reliable transportation, and they both lined up equally with one another. To take my hiring process a bit further I did what some larger corporate companies do. I Facebook stalked. One girl had pictures of herself with friends and family and some photos that were 'caught in the moment'. The other girl, however, had a photo she had clearly taken herself of her kissing her boyfriends cheek and then the rest of the photos were selfies. Legit kissy face, ducklipped, arm in picture selfies. After analyzing the photos on each girls account I ended up hiring the girl that had photos with friends that were actually taken by someone other than herself. Though it may be judging a book by the cover the girl with the selfies looked more like she didn't have many friends (which told me she may not be good in a team environment) and also looked like she was more into herself than others...which also is a red flag. I am not going to say taking a picture of yourself makes you a total loser. I will snap a photo of myself after getting my hair done and upload to Facebook. I will even take a photo of myself making an absolutely obscene face to send to my husband. AND! If one day I feel pretty, I will capture that moment and leave it in my iPhone camera roll to look back on until I need to delete it for space for new photos. Sometimes you need to take some feel good photos for your own viewing pleasure. With that being said take note that not everyone, and we are probably talking majority, care to see your selfies. I rather see a fun day at the beach, what you recently made (food or craft), or pictures of your children growing, a family portrait, etc. You know the saying, "If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all," well same goes for picture sharing... if you don't have a share worthy picture to share... just don't share at all. Just some thoughts from yours truly. What's your opinions on 'Selfies'?


  1. I take them to send to my long distance boyfriend. I very rarely post any of them to social media, unless it's with one of the girls (or all of them lol)

    1. I would totally take them to send to a long distance boyfriend. I have taken them to send to my best friend that is in the Air Force and often she replies via SnapChat.