Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Meet Haley

A wife, daughter, best friend, sister, aunt, & fur-mom
From a small suburb outside of Nashville, TN now residing in the military based town of Clarksville, TN. I recently became a stay at home wife and I'm here to blog about my day-to-day, week-to-week adventures. I'm a crafter, diyer, hugger, picture taker, list maker, blogger, animal loving, coffee drinking, self-proclaimed gardener, recipe attempting, southern lady saved by the grace of God. I pride myself on taking other peoples, or my own, crappy ugly garbage and turning it into something I find pretty awesome. 

I've got this pretty awesome husband named Kyle who rocks my socks off. He's the biggest sci-fi nerd I've ever met with a six pack, it's okay to drool...I do frequently. We enjoy sitting on the front porch listening to country music while watching the neighbors walk the neighborhood all while complaining like an old couple about the cars who drive over the speed limit down our road. We love our big family and all the rug-rats they produced. He enjoys his motorcycle and taking on random new hobbies and always has his hands dirty.

As far as our own rug-rats go we have two awesome furbabies. A schnauzer, named Sophie, we adopted from one of our friends when she was two years old. A poochon bichon frise-poodle mix , named Koby, that I knew was all mine the day he was born. They're treated as human babies. If we go out of town they go to a babysitters house, mainly their Granny's and Aunt Karee's, they do not and will not ever be boarded-that makes them too animal, they're humans, remember? Koby likes to go on adventures, some of these adventures means escaping from our fence. He's also a sock hoarder, I frequently find socks under my bed. He always greets us with a stuffed animal while wildly wagging his tail as if to say, "hey look. I bring present". He also enjoys car rides with the windows down so he can hang his head out and let his ears flow in the wind. Sophie is a mama's girl, always under my feet. She likes her raccoon toy and will often get pissy if her little brother is playing with it. She's prissy with an attitude and will let you know it in a heart beat. She's extremely protective, even over her little pesky brother. She loves hugs, he loves belly rubs. 

I am a pretty simple person who enjoys all things southern and the little things in life. My God, family, friends, and my babies are all I need to make me happy, and an occasional beer. Stay a while and enjoy the journey.

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