Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Flea Market Finds

This past weekend Kyle and I went to Dover, TN, about 45 minutes away, to visit his family. Every other Sunday his grandmother, Nanny, cooks for the family and we all pile up and dig in. He has a huge family, emphasis on the huge, with his moms side alone he has three aunts and an uncle plus they each have two kids a piece and then there's also all the great grand children.

After catching up with our bi-weekly routine our intentions were to head out for the drive home. His mom is always talking about the LBL flea market so we decided to make a pit stop and visit for the first time. Everything was so incredibly cheap! I easily see this becoming a part of our Sunday's in Dover routine. They had huge old vintage trunks, that could easily be used as a coffee table, for only $20. My heart was fluttering with happiness.

I don't know if I'm becoming strong willed, more disciplined or what but I only bought these two cuties. The yellow one was $2 and the aqua just $3. How could I pass it up? In total honesty I would've came home with a trunk as well if Kyle hadn't been with me cause he wouldn't have been there to talk me out of it. I do plan on going back, with or without Kyle, and digging a little deeper in all the vintage goodness.

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xoxo Haley

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