Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gardening Sunday

Coconut oil shave update: it's day three and I hardly even have a stubble! So not only did it give a great shave it gave a lasting one as well!

I could shout from the rooftops on how amazing my Sunday has been so far! It's been a couple months since Kyle and I have had a peaceful and relaxing Sunday together. We started our morning with a cup of coffee on the front porch and chatted as we waved at the early bird walkers. We then headed out to breakfast at the buffet and then went to Lowes which is my new favorite place! We picked up some caster wheels for one of the recent DIY projects I have going along with some sandpaper and bird netting. Being my first time for tackling a garden I didn't know birds stole strawberries and tomatoes so I had to put a quick end to their garden heist by covering my plants in bird netting:

You can hardly tell the netting is there in the picture. This morning Kyle trimmed our crepe myrtle so I just snagged some of his clippings to hold up the net so the birds couldn't just pop their little heads through!

While Kyle has been playing in the garage, reorganizing and moving stuff around, I decided I would finish up some of my planting. I still have to get a pot for my tomatoes but then I think I will call it quits for this year and maintain what I have. I decided to plant everything in containers instead of the ground this year because it's my first go with gardening. I wanted to see what I liked to plant, where in my yard they did the best, and if I would even consider doing them again next year before I went digging up the grass that my husband has worked so hard for.

This years garden list:

I can't wait to get an herb grinder so I can make my own stevia sugar substitute! Also I finally get to use my rosemary for the first time tonight. We are having rosemary ranch chicken tenders, which I will post the recipe later depending on how they turn out!

xoxo Haley

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