Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sew it's Sunday

I could pretty much say I've never used a sewing machine a day in my life. Sure, there was that one class in middle school where we sewed a pillow...that was ages ago and I hardly remember a thing! However I do still have my pillow.

It's two peas in a pod. I give you permission to laugh at my failing attempt to sew a straight line but after all I was a middle schooler.

Now that I'm 15 years older I'm actually gaining an interest. Part due to I love all crafting hobbies other part due to I'm cheap and I'd like to make my own goodies for half the price. Seriously, check out these table runners I found via Pinterest

In my head I can envision what corners to fold and sew but my problem? I don't know how to use the machine. I guess this will be one more project on my to-do list. Learn to sew!
xoxo Haley

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