Monday, June 9, 2014

Saturday well spent

Saturday I decided it's time to start getting my tan on. With a trip to PCB, FL in August slowly creeping up on me it's time to get a good base tan so I don't fry like a lobster...or Will Farrell for that matter...

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I stopped by my sisters house and picked up my nephew and then headed to my parents for a day in the pool.

Because my nephew, J, is awesome he agreed to recreate this picture of when he was a one year old. Seriously my heart melts every time I see this picture! But his awesomeness didn't stop there...

He proceeded to let me play with his hair, and boy does he have a LOT of it! After our little photo session, and obviously during it, his Granny got him a fudge pop and he snuggled in real close to me and wanted me to share it with him. The older he gets the sweeter he gets, watch out girls.

Though I didn't get much of a tan I got to hang out with this little booger and my parents for the afternoon resulting in a Saturday well spent! Kyle had to work but as we called it a day so did he because huge storms and a tornado warning headed our way...

The drive home was horrible. It's hard for me to drive in rain let alone a torrential downpour! Luckily I got us home safely and I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my adorable hubs. Result: one successful Saturday!
xoxo Haley

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