Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project: Organize

Am I the only one? Whenever I have a ton of stuff to do I instantly freeze, have an almost-anxiety attack, and want to go take a nap.

Kyle and I have lived in our house for two years now and it's no where near the organization level that I want it to be. I constantly feel like my house is a garbage dump when in all reality it's just cluttered. When moving in we were instantly given many hand-me-downs (which I'm very grateful for!). Then not even a year later we get married and got even more junk lovely gifts. Still grateful. Hey, I know someone feels me here! So over the course of time I've accumulated hand-me-downs, wedding gifts, and of course goodwill decor that I ended up flipping or turning into a DIY project. So where is all of it now? Well after moving it room to room, thinking that maybe I would find a good fit or spot for it, it has grown into a mountain-metaphorically speaking- that now takes over what was once upon a time a guest room/future nursery and also what was once my mancave craft cave. My goal this summer is to completely organize my entire house from top to bottom. Therefore I will have to put together a yard sale to at least try to get some sort of profit and then the rest is adios to goodwill!

I'm tired of living in a crammed space when really it's not the space itself it's what is taking up all the space! Now that I'm a stay at home wife this bothers me more than ever. Hopefully I will remember to document my progress and be able to post before & afters!

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