Saturday, August 9, 2014

Road trip essentials

As our road trip to Florida with my family is less than two weeks away, what better time to make a packing list!

When packing you cannot forget the essentials for the road! My essentials:

One. Snacks.
I don't know what it is about roadtrips but I find it necessary to have plenty of munchies! Just when you think you've packed enough snacks, pack a few'll thank me later.

Two. Blanket.
A road trip cannot be complete without a power nap in which calls for a blanket...and pillow!

Three. Tunes.
I'm sure many will agree that a road trip is not a road trip without a mixed tape. It's essential to have throwback tunes, Britney Spears or Backstreet boys anyone? You may want to consider headphones as well, who knows when you'll have a grumpy passenger that makes you turn your stereo down.

Four. Camera.
I find it highly important to capture your roadtrip adventure. You know, sneak a shot of the backseat passengers all passed out leaning on one don't wanna miss that one for the scrapbook!

Five. Travel Apps.
Why? Because you may just need to know where the closest Starbucks is in order to refuel your energy, or you may need to know where the closest rest stop is to release yourself.

Now you're all set for your next road trip! What's your must haves when on the road?

xoxo Haley

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